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Specialist Information

If you are a Specialist interested in providing services at a Montserrat Facility, the summary below provides a snapshot of the Services we offer at each facility:

Location Licensing Services
Montserrat Facilities
Gaythorne 1 x Level 3 Surgical Theatre
1 x Procedural Theatre
Plastic Surgery (Rhino, BAM, Scar Revision etc)
Endoscopy / Colonoscopy (Open Access Endoscopy)
Vasectomy Clinic
Haemorrhoid Clinic / Surgery
Gastroenterology & Digestive Health Clinic
Indooroopilly 2 x Procedural Theatres Endoscopy / Colonoscopy (Open Access Endoscopy)
Haemorrhoid Consulting Clinic
Gastroenterology & Digestive Health Clinic
Capsule Endoscopy
North Lakes 3 x Level 3 Surgical Theatres Ophthalmology
Endoscopy / Colonoscopy (Open Access Endoscopy)
Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery
General Surgery
IVF & Fertility Clinic
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Gastroenterology & Digestive Health Clinic
Vasectomy Clinic
Haemorrhoid Clinic / Surgery
Sunshine Coast 8 Treatment Chairs + 2 Treatment Beds Chemotherapy & Infusion Based Treatments (please refer to www.schoc.com.au)
Consulting Suites    
North Lakes 4 Sessional Suites This fully managed facility provides services for Specialists consulting around 500 patients per month at a new facility with competitive rates.
Sunshine Coast 3 Sessional Suites This facility predominantly supports the Clinical Haematologists and Medical Oncologists at the SCHOC facility but may be available for other Specialists by arrangement.

If you are interested in credentialing at any of these facilities, please either contact the facility directly or Ben Korst CEO on bkorst@montserrat.com.au or 0423 397 565.

Montserrat has a number of other services;

1. Gastroenterology Practice (7 Gastroenterologists) & Open Access Endoscopy Service
2. Queensland Vasectomy Clinics (Gaythorne & North Lakes)
3. Montserrat Practice Management;
4. Hospital Operation; and
5. Hospital Management.

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy

Montserrat has probably been best known over the past 17 years as being a leader in its Gastroenterology and Open Access Endoscopy Practice, however in the past number of years we have expanded our services considerably. Each year we treat over 10,000 patients via this practice with our 5 Gastroenterologist and 3 General Surgeons providing procedureal services. We are actively expanding this practice across South East Queensland.

Qld Vasectomy Clinics

This business was setup in conjunction with a Doctor who had a vision that needed a Surgery and a team of people to roll this out. Since inception in February 2012 this continues to grow each month and we are also actively looking to expand this into other areas.

Montserrat Practice Management >

Montserrat Day Hospitals have many regular Specialists as well as a large list of Credentialed Medical Practitioner's operating at our three facilities.

Whilst Montserrat has a long history and strong reputation in Gastroenterology, Montserrat Hospitals host individual Specialists and Specialist Groups in many areas, including: IVF, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Urology, Dentistry, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology and General Surgery.

As a Specialist performing procedures at a Montserrat Facility you will enjoy the benefits of having your patients looked after by our highly trained, friendly and professional staff.  Allowing your patients the option of a Day Surgery environment will enable you to readily access highly quality medical equipment without the issues that can occur in some larger Hospitals.

Our Practice Management service allows you to get on with what you are good at and have your office maintained in a flexible, low cost environment. We charge a fixed fee which is a percentage of your income. This variable cost enables you to only pay for what you use and means you don't pay for an office when you are on holidays, and dramtically reduces the cost of establishing your practice.

For example at our newest facility at North Lakes we have gone the extra mile with our 120sqm Doctors and Nurses lounge and training room, as well as our fully serviced sessional consulting suites.

Hospital Operator & Manager

Monsterrat is actively expanding its business. If you are interested in establishing a high end, premium Private Hospital facility please speak with us. We are also expanding our services to offer our skills to existing operators or those looking to sell their existing Day Surgeries, and we invite you to contact us for a confidential conversation.

If you are interested in inspecting any of our facilities or meeting some of our Clinical Managers please contact Ben Korst on 0423 397 565 or bkorst@montserrat.com.au

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